Before starting to show you the best ways to learn Arabic online, let us answer a very important question, which is why should you learn Arabic?

PopularityThe Fifth in the world
People315 Million Speakers
Countries25 Countries
Arabic Language

Why should you learn Arabic?

There are many reasons that make you learn Arabic language, such as

  • It’s the fifth most popular language in the world.
  • There are many Arab people in each country in the world.
  • There are many beautiful tourist places in the Arab countries such as Egypt.
  • Arab people have a different and interesting cultures. Which is good to explore it.
  • It’s the language of the Quran, which is very important for Muslims.

And more reasons that make you interested to learn Arab language.

But, how to learn Arabic online?

How to learn Arabic online

There are many resources, websites and apps that you can use to learn Arabic online.

Most of them are good resources to learn from, but the one that will guide you to the best of them is the one who tried and has experience in learning Arabic online.

So, let me give you my experience in learning Arabic online.

I will recommend you some of platforms and apps that I used to master Arabic online.

Rocket Arabic Language

Rocket Arabic language is one of most powerful tools to learn Arabic online. Or let me say best tool to master Arabic.

What make this tool special that is an interactive tool that provide you with:

  1. Interactive Audio Lessons
  2. Language & Culture Lessons
  3. Perfect your pronunciation
  4. Learn How To Write Arabic
  5. Flash cards
  6. Reinforcement activities
  7. Free mobile app
  8. Track your progress
  9. Members Q&A forum
  10. Lifetime access subscription

As well as it very useful for kids.

So, It’s time to use this tool to be familiar with it deeply.

If you want to know more about this tool, I deeply recommend to watch this video.

Rocket Language

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