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What is DataCamp? (datacamp review)

DataCamp is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn data science. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to get into the field or to those who want to improve their skills.

I took the Introduction to R course and found it to be very well-organized and informative. The course was a great introduction to the R programming language and provided me with the skills I needed to get started with data science.

The course is taught by experienced instructors who are passionate about teaching data science. The courses are also very interactive, which makes learning more enjoyable. Overall, I had a great experience with DataCamp and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning data science.

Who owns DataCamp?

DataCamp is owned by a team of investors and entrepreneurs, including General Catalyst, Omidyar Network, Redpoint Ventures, IBM Watson Customer Engagement Fund, and Lumia Capital.

What is DataCamp Limited?

DataCamp Inc. and DataCamp Limited are two separate companies.

The former is a data science learning platform, while the latter is an internet technology company based out of London.

DataCamp Limited provides services such as dedicated servers, content delivery networks (CDN77), and network monitoring tools. We hope this clarification helps avoid any confusion between these two entities.

Is DataCamp recognized?

DataCamp has become a well-known platform amongst data science professionals; however, many are not yet familiar with the platform’s offerings.

Even though DataCamp isn’t affiliated with universities or backed by accreditations, it is still gaining recognition among industry professionals for its quality resources and services.

How does DataCamp work?

DataCamp’s online platform facilitates hands-on coding courses for both corporate and individual customers.

Through our courses, learners are able to develop fluency in data-related topics such as R, Python, and SQL programming languages.

DataCamp’s focus is to provide actionable content that will help users practice their skills in a tangible way.

Here’s how to use DataCamp as a beginner in six simple steps:

  1. Fill out an introductory survey
  2. Choose a programming language
  3. Take a skill assessment
  4. Start your first DataCamp course
  5. Pass the course syllabus
  6. Complete other courses, tracks, and projects

How much does DataCamp cost?

  • A Basic package is a great option if you’re looking to test the platform out before investing. It includes access to the first chapters of each course, plus 6 free courses hand-selected by you. Plus, it’s completely free! This package offers a limited but important scope of content; however, despite its restrictions, it provides an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with our platform and its features.
  • The Premium subscription plan is designed for individual users and offers comprehensive access to all DataCamp courses. When paid annually, the cost is $25/month; when billed on a monthly basis, the cost is $39/month. With this plan, you’ll unlock all of DataCamp’s online learning resources.
  • The Teams Plan is designed to meet the needs of small teams who need multiple users on one account. The monthly cost for this plan is $25.
  • The Enterprise plan caters to larger organizations and is the ideal choice for those looking to train their data teams. DataCamp offers a personalized quote for this plan; simply request one from our team today!

Are there discounts on DataCamp?

DataCamp offers various discounts intermittently. If you’re looking for an immediate discount, you can take advantage of the 50% off promotion for students who have completed the first lesson of any free course.

Simply enroll in a beginner-level course such as “Introduction to Python” and pass the first chapter to receive your discount right away.

Is there a free trial on DataCamp?

DataCamp does not usually offer a free trial; however, through our exclusive partnership with GitHub, eligible students can receive a complimentary 3-month DataCamp membership.

To learn more about this offer and view the requirements, please visit the relevant page on GitHub’s website.

DataCamp certificates

Earning certificates, or statements of accomplishment, for completing DataCamp courses and tracks is a great way to demonstrate your newfound knowledge and capabilities to prospective employers. Although the intrinsic value of these certificates might be low, the skills you gain from completing each course are invaluable.

Keep in mind that professional data scientists often have numerous completed DataCamp courses on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Therefore, simply obtaining a single certificate from one course may not be enough to guarantee you a job.

Are DataCamp certificates worth it?

DataCamp can provide value to data scientists beyond simply providing certificates.

While MOOC credentials may not sway employers, DataCamp’s courses and exercises help users learn invaluable skills and knowledge in the data science field.

These educational benefits are more worthwhile than just obtaining a certificate, making DataCamp an investment worth considering.

Review conclusion: is DataCamp worth it in 2022?

DataCamp has grown significantly in the three years since we reviewed it initially. There are now more courses, languages, projects, and expert instructors than ever before—plus features such as the DataCamp Workspace that increase its overall value. From my experience with the platform, I’m pleased to report that it is extremely user-friendly, with a web-based code editor that often writes 90% of the code for you.

Taking into consideration both pros and cons sections of this review, I strongly recommend using DataCamp to learn data science and analytics with R, Python, and SQL. The overall learning experience was extremely positive and I enjoyed working on it greatly.